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Who are we? We are a newly formed guild made up of close friends and family who have raided together over the past year in various guilds and have decided to come together to progress through all 10 man raid content. We consider ourselves a part time hardcore guild, which means the days we raid we are aiming to git er done! We raid 3 nights a week with the rest of the week off to relax and enjoy whatever we want, be it game time or real life. We help each other with dailies, achievements, heroics and ocassionally pvp together. We expect you to know your class and be ready and willing to adapt to any changes that will help out yourself and the guild as a whole. We expect current and future members to have read up on boss strats and be ready to go when raid time comes with your flasks, food, gear repaired and money to repair, reagents with you and be ready for the first pull. In other words, we're pretty chill - but we get shit done.

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